April 20, 2009

Swing, Baby!

Check out this tasty new Champions Online video.

I have to say, I'm most excited about the art direction in this game. As Tivy would say, "I'm a graphics snob." I like to think of it as an essential element to fantasy immersion. Anyway, the cel-shading and comic book style is appealing to thine eyes. Oh and being able to create your own nemesis is ultra cool. So many possibilities for nemeses...


  1. Hmm - It seems very City of Heroes-ish so far. As a girl with several toons in COH (who made it past level 2 before giving up), I'm not seeing anything I haven't already seen there or in Spiderman for PS3. The only exception is the cartoony type drawing of the backgrounds.

  2. I dunno, graphically it looks different to me - check out some of the screens. Of course, I only played CoH for approximately 8 hours. You're right, gameplay is probably similar, as the cannon of MMOs will not be changed by this game.

    However, for those of us that never got into CoH this might hold a little something extra. Worth a try.

  3. Oh yeah - I know what I keep meaning to mention - there's an entire story arc in CoH where you go against your own precise build and it's called the Nemesis arc (I think. Something with Nemesis anyway). I guess that's why this game isn't perking my interest that much yet. Sorry I'm such a grump-ola.

  4. So rude, Tivy. Can't you be happy for me? I'm gonna make the sexiest superhero imaginable!

  5. Of course I can be happy for you, silly! I'm just saying that what I've seen so far is a "been there, done that" for me. (Note: I have not bought the T-shirt from CoH, but I did get my hubby from it...)

    I'll try it, if only to see if it could be a game we all can enjoy. I really want us all back in the same game again. Plus, you haven't actually asked me to try anything yet, whereas Smelty and I have asked you to try lots of things. Since you're excited for it, that's good enough for me. Go sexify your self!

  6. Oh you can't even begin to imagine how sexy I will be