April 6, 2009

It's here!

EA Games has pics of Sims 3 out on their site.  Painting on the ocean?!?!  How will Sim Pikkle pick on Sim Smelt?  Find out on a PC near you!


  1. OMG why does Sim Pikky hate Sim Smelty? Sim Pikky is such a bitch!

  2. He really is. Tonight, some random girl played chess with him and he played for like one minute, stood up and did the "No way" gesture and went off to look through the telescope instead. (Or was it to spy on the neighbors? Hmm...)

    He also refuses to enter the dorm through the front door. I don't get it at all, because all of NPC's come and go through the front door, but Sim Pikky always goes in and out the back.

  3. Oh lawd...too much...must not make inappropriate comment...

  4. Behave, Smelt!

    I'm excited for Sims 3. Sad it got pushed back to begin with.