April 18, 2009

Non-Gaming Related Rant

I swear to god, for some reason this man is the only man capable of announcing anything (other than hockey) for television in this country. Can we PLEASE train some more people, so I don't have to see his face everytime I turn on Canadian TV!?

In more gaming related news, I've been keeping a close eye on this site more and more lately. It's very informative and interesting. You should check it out!


  1. I am so glad that Time Warner got b-slapped for their evil plans. There's a good discussion on this from this blogger - http://www.brokentoys.org/

    Seriously $6/gb vs. .017/gb? Time Warner has done lost their mind.

  2. It's true. He's everywhere. He is pretty cute on the whole, but as a reprentative of Canada, I agree: non-faceted. But he doesn't repeat the beer and back-bacon bit.

  3. I clicked post before I looked at the link. That's very interesting. I'm going to ask Scotty about the studies. He has a PhD in psychology and he might actually know the people that either conducted the original study or gave the rebuttal. He might have something to say that I could bring back for discussion.