April 17, 2009

I Think it's Finally Over

Well apparently my credit card (the one I pay for all my gaming subscriptions with) has been compromised. So my bank sent me a new one. The bummer part is that you have to go and make sure all the accounts that automatically debit that card are updated. Well I forgot to update my Age of Conan account so I got the "your account is frozen" message. You know... I'm good with that.

When I heard of all the updates and improvements, I resubbed and logged back in hoping that there was enough there. Some old spark, if you will. Not so much. Yep. Although I never say never, I think I'm finally over AoC. I suppose I'm a little sad, but I've moved on.

Oh don't get me wrong and for those who love the game (omg who am I kidding there's only the four of us reading this blog) it's still a good MMO. Indeed if I had an unlimited gaming budget, OR if it had been as this "polished" when it was first released, I would still be happily plugging away within the game. My Dark Templar would be level capped and I'd be eagerly awaiting the new patch with all it's yummy contents. Problem is that it wasn't, and I moved on to Warhammer and Runes of Magic. Warhammer kicks ass for the PvP and RoM is turning out to be a fun little game who's price tag is right up my financial alley (ahem...free). Plus there's so many exciting new games coming out I just would rather wait and enjoy the two I'm in now.

So I bid you adieu, Age of Conan. I applaud your innovative combat style and fantastically rendered world. I wish you all the best.


  1. I really dislike this type of fighting mechanic. I don't like the uber-customization of it, nor do I like the constant button mashing more than it has to be. In wow, for example, Athi opens with a flame shock, then stormstrike, lava lash, earth shock, SS, LL, ES, a lightning bolt put in there when it procs. Ok? In Conan, I'd have to TELL IT WHERE TO FIRE! No! I don't care if it hits the person's head or groin. Just hit them. God.

  2. Oh come on, Pikky. You just like the fact that you can walk away from your computer in the middle of a battle. It's true. Don't deny it. Seriously though, I can see why some people might not like this type of combat mechanic. I for one thought it brought some different skill sets into the game. Different in the sense that you had to pay attention more and look at your opponents defenses to pick the right attack combo etc...In WoW the skill comes from the order of attacks or spells. Speaking as an ex-hunter, shot rotation was clearly very important.