April 6, 2009

Is That a Lightsaber in Your Pocket or you Just Happy to See Me?

One of the upcoming games that has us all geeked out about is Star Wars: The Old Republic. Well BioWare (rock on Mass Effect!) just updated their developer's blog to reveal some more tasty tidbits. Check it out. Or not. But don't come crying to me when you're the last to find out that Bounty Hunters are going to be available to one faction only. Can you guess which one? Yeah like, duh.

In fact, there is no class common to both factions. That's right, kiddies. So unless you're an altoholic choose wisely young Padawan...or whatever the sith equivelent is (ok I'm NOT that much of a nerd). Oh and quests are going to be faction specific. I believe the exact phrasing is, "unique content for both sides was the only way to go—if a Player went all the way through the game playing a Jedi and then playing a Sith, he wouldn’t experience even one repeated piece of story content."


1 comment:

  1. An Azzy lore-spaz is in the making. I have foreseen it. (That last in my best imitation of the Emperor.)

    The valid part of the Azzy-rant would be the fact that all the SW stuff has neutral built in. Jabba the Hutt, while the head of a house of gangsta, bulbous worms (think Jabba Corleone), makes every effort to avoid both Imperial AND Rebel scum. He's an equal opportunity slime-ball. So... if there is no chance for neutral, I predict complaining from Azzy and the other SW geeks out there.

    I'm fine with the two factions, personally. I agree with the dev - everyone picks a side in the films, one way or another. Plus, it makes things a lot easier to understand. The complexity of SWG is one of the things that makes it more engrossing to the lore-nerds and significantly more off-putting to the casual player.

    Definitely looking forward to see how things evolve!

    PS: No clue what a Sith-in-training is called. Sith-let?