April 9, 2009

New World Order

So the T3's made me sleepy last night, so I went to bed and I dreamed of the new gaming world order.  While I certainly don't have the details worked out, I think my sub-conscious brain fell onto something.

 The idea is that we’d change the structure of gaming completely.

First, the game is presided over by nine judges – Tivy, Azzy, Smelty, Runey & Pikkle plus 4 other people we decide we generally agree with.  Whatever we say goes.   In the case that we disagree, if we get 5 of us to vote the same way, then that decision passes.  Really, it’s more of a virtual government than anything else. 

Secondly, you will have to change your understanding of an MMO today.  In this game, everyone who wants to play applies for the privilege to do so.  We treat it like applying to college.  The people interested in playing have to give us a reason to want to play with them.  If they don’t, we reject them.  If they do, then we invite them in.

We’d insist on an environment of respect.  Any evidence of disrespect can result in a boot and a termination of their membership.  We are not going for sheer numbers of people.  We are going for a quality environment and breadth of awesomeness previously unseen in a game.


If someone makes it past the application process, they can have their characters look and do whatever they want.  If they want to be half dragonfly, half ogre, that’s their prerogative.  They can choose any of the pre-designed races or they can pay to customize their look to be whatever they want.  (This does not allow becoming demi-gods in game-play, just in appearance.)

 The game mechanics go something like this (where melee is the example):

Standard Melee

Advanced Melee

Custom Melee

Bash 1-4

(4 ranks)

Sweep 1-4

(requires 8 pts in Standard Melee)

The super kablooie

(requires 4 pts in advanced melee)

Smack 1-4

(4 ranks)

Skewer  1-4

(requires 8 pts in Standard Melee)

The Ka-Pow!

(requires 4 pts in adv. melee)

Crush 1-4

(4 ranks)

Charge 1-4

(requires 8 pts in standard melee)

The Wicka-wichaw!

(requires 4 pts in adv. melee)


Now, say you want to be a warrior priest (simple one).  You’d have to split your points across the warrior skills and the priest skills.  If you want to be a rogue-priest-mage-tank (like Azzy), then fine.  You have to split your XP across all four areas.  In some respects, people who stay one class will have the benefit, because they are the ones who will be able to get up to the Super Kablooie levels.  On the other hand, they won’t be able to heal themselves (or others) at all, so playing solo might be harder for them.

Azzy brought up a good question:  What if an applicant gets in but his/her friends don’t make the cut?  Well, we can implement a recommendation system so that if Pikkle, a long-standing member of our community, vouches for someone, we allow that person a trial membership.  If Smelt vouches for them, we simply lose the recommendation in the mail and say, “What are you talking about?  I’ve never heard of that person.”

Anyway, I know it’s different than what we’re used to.  I know it’s much more exclusive than what we’re used to also,  but the point is, people become interested in what they think they’re missing, so we’d have people begging to come play with us.  It will also give us control of our environment so that we don’t have to suffer true fools at all, much less gladly.  It’s changing the entire schema of gaming because the goal is not to make money, but to make us happy. 

Let me know what you think.    


  1. hmm.. we would have to have a system of "bonus points" Like, for example, if somebody doesn't quite have the qualifications, but they have the type of voice that I get voice-crushes over.. well, that would more than make up for their lack of qualifications.

  2. OMG Brilliant! Obviously this post is a bit tongue n' cheek but I really think you are on to something. I think we can all agree that MMOs in their current format are growing stale. So let's change the word "Massively" to "Minimally." MMOs are supposed to be a social experience. However, how many times have we bitched about the "social" part ruining our gaming part and in some regards the social part we actually like?! What if the MMO was a user created space - where you can control the social aspect of it. Where a group can control a zone and part of the gaming experience was trying to gain access to other players zones? I think we're on to something here. These ideas have no been intellectually copyrighted, bitches!

    Let's think more on this.

  3. Well, duh. We could have voice-crush points, Pikky. Even if it's only for you. :)

    And DOUBLE DUH! Intellectual property of AFKLOSER and the Tivy Takes Over the WORLD Foundation!

  4. Oh good...

    and Tivy, that reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer keeps saying "patent pending, patent pending, patent pending"


  5. LOL Yes Pikky.

    Sigh - I'm going to have to send the stuff I develop through email now, aren't I? Either that, or have Azzy make us a private web-site, password protected. Damn those robbers and thieves!