May 25, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

First let me just say, "welcome back, Pikky." How's Fallout? I keep threatening to buy the game...but then I would have to find time to play it. And that's the freakin problem.

What I am playing is Free Realms. WTF and OMG. This game is so addictive. Each time I log on, I have to really try to figure out what my "gaming goals" are for each session. For example, I bought a new kitty. He's a very nice kitty my, Baron Von Amigo. However, he requires a fair amount of upkeep. So I have to make sure I have plenty of food, vitamins, shampoo, conditioner etc...which I have to buy with earned currency, i.e., gold.

I think, so far, the best way to get gold is to do the fighting mini-games (or mini-instances) and quests. Not a problem. But then the crafting mini-games are so much fun but they don't pay a lot of gold. So, I have to compartmentalize my time. I'll start out doing a couple few quests, then allow myself to get pulled into the time-suck that is the harvesting game, or the blacksmithing game or now the effin trading card game. That one really makes me feel like a geek. By the way, Tivy, what sort of deck do you have? I might have some cards to trade with you.

I bought the $5 a month membership and put the $10 in for a 1000 SC. I don't foresee myself buying more SC (unless I go "booster pack" crazy) in the near future so $5 for this much addictive goodness is a bargain.

Between this and WoW, I'm MMO satisfied until Champions Online comes out in September.


  1. I wish I could get free realms to work...

  2. We want you to, too! PS: I did also install Safari before I figured out that my problem was a video card setting. It works for me, so maybe you'd have better luck?

    I have the machine deck, foolio. I do have a couple of nature cards for you as well. I think I want to make an order deck, but I'm not sure yet.

    PPS: SIMS 3 is almost here!!!!!!