March 29, 2009

Sunday... a day for a doughy juggernaut of delight (a.k.a donut) and gaming. I know. Slow down, right? But what to play?

Warhammer? Could be fun. However, I'll probably just run around avoiding quests and wishing my armor was pretty while waiting for the server to actually get populated for pvp fun-times. Meh. Not into it.

Runes of Magic? Not a bad game. However when I log in, I feel dirty like I'm cheating on other games because RoM is cheap and easy. Oh Frogster, you tempt me with your dirty little whore. Not on a Sunday!

Conan? Bah! I'm still bitter about being lied to. "But it's better now," and other ridiculous babble. Well that may be, but being bitter is still easier than being disappointed... AGAIN! AoC you were to be my true love. /cry

WoW? I hate you! No, I love you! Wait, I hate you. Oh gawd! I just don't know anymore! Must...resist...resubbing! One day, I'll come back for my friends still trapped in your evil clutches. /shakes fists at threatening skies

Sigh. Did I mention that donuts are good? What's that? Classic RTS? Why don't mind if I do. Zerglings you are so d-e-d.

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