March 30, 2009

Non-game Angst

BAH!  I go on record saying that corporations are friggin' weak.  They're octopus-armed conglomerations that have long since amputated any connection they once had with "people".  Any seemingly sound or moral principles they might espouse are solely the products of some marketing agency team who convinced them it was good PR.  Even as I think about the failing auto industry and am proud again to be American by virtue of the actions of its leader, I think about the people on the line, like my own grandfather was until his death.  Unions aside, no one there would care about the decades of service he gave.  They'd be more concerned that he'd bring a lawsuit against them for a work-place injury, or for perceived discrimination.  They'd gladly cut his wages to ensure they had enough money for the excess insurance premiums in case of such an eventuality.

This world is becoming unacceptable. The human behind the blog is even more homogonized than before.  We're all boiled down to the choice of Arial, Courier, Georgia, Lucida, Times, Trebuchet or Verdana.  These seven possibilities better be enough variety to catagorize yourself in.  Oh sure.  Take a walk on the wild side and try out Wingdings.  I'm sure there's a translator somewhere for it.

Grrr. "Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it from without." - Flippin' Buddha.

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  1. Peas come from the garden silly!