March 29, 2009


For some reason, the Console Wars have really brought out some militant fanboyism. And if I had to put myself into a category, I'd definitely be an xbox fanboy. But what is it about the consoles that drive us into this? Why is there so much hostility here? And how are Playstation fans any different from Wii and Xbox fans?

I know there's a big .. HUGE misconception out there about Wii fans. I mean, the Wii is just for kids and grandmas, right? Well, I suppose with all the crap out there on the wii, this is true in SOME cases. Then again, what use is the Arcade console, if not to cater to this exact same demographic? There are some amazing games on the Wii, including some that are incredibly violent and gory. Personally, I have a slight drunken addiction to Deal or No Deal on the Wii, and its graphics are worse than Gamecube graphics!

I don't know where I was going with this. I just wanted to spark discussion, even though that spark will be slightly dim, given that its just us posters here. Also, don't attack me for saying fanboy instead of fanperson. I don't believe in political correctness.

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  1. Because "fanboyism" is to human as blue is to sky. Can we say, WoW vs. Warhammer vs. EQ2? Seems silly, as who cares? Play what you wanna play.

    I own a wii and a 360 not out of some console neurosis but because each had games I wanted to play - and I'm a consumer, which some argue is a form of psychosis.

    I'm only stopping myself from purchasing a ps3 because three consoles would be too much and I do need to have a RL. Of course, if the price drops all bets are off.