June 19, 2009


Hi guys - Sorry I've been MIA, but I got a contract position so I'm not as available as before.

Can you guys answer these questions for me? Please be serious in your reply, otherwise I'll have to exclude them from the survey results and I really don't want to do that. If you would email the answers to me at tivy@technowizards.net, I'd appreciate it.

1. For a person to be well-rounded, what traits should that person have or display? Please be specific.

2. If you were not limited by money or opportunity, what profession (or professions) would you pursue and why?

3. You notice a woman having difficulty putting a large, apparently heavy, box in her car. What do you consider before offering her assistance?

4. Describe the physical characteristics of the woman you chose to help in #3. Please include a description of her age, height, weight, race or any other characteristic you wish.

5. Assume now that those characteristics were somehow an illusion. For example, if you envisioned a little, old, pleasant, grandmotherly woman, the actual woman is a pimply-faced, overweight, teenager with a scowl. What do you consider before helping this person?

6. A rash of vandalism has started in your neighbourhood, largely consisting of what appears to be spray paint signatures defacing both public and private property. The authorities have dismissed the concerns raised during public council meetings and some of the members of the community are tired of paying for the graffiti removal. A vigilante group forms. Do you join them, oppose them, ignore them or do something else? Why?

7. You are home alone one evening and hear a noise outside. The noise repeats, followed by raised voices in an argument. When you look, you see a teenaged boy yelling at a woman who is on the ground, as he holds her down with his foot. What, if anything, do you do?

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